Jul 18, 2016 03:35 AM EDT

Productivity Tips: 9 Bad Habits To Break

In today's busy world, productivity is at the top of everyone's priorities. While some tips will let you know what to do to efficiently manage your time, it is also important to break bad habits that prevent us from achieving our goals.

According to Entrepreneur, bad habits inhibit our potential, decrease our accuracy, dampen our creativity and stifle our performance. Overcoming these nine bad habits will not only help improve your productivity but will also help you become happier in the long run.

1. Frustrating your flow by impulsively surfing the Internet. It was noted that 15 consecutive minutes of focus is needed in order for a person to become fully engaged in a task. This is called flow. Impulsively checking your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and, most recently, "Pokémon GO," would destroy your productivity flow.

2. Battle being a perfectionist. Get started and just ride your ideas. You can never create something if you always fear that it will not be good enough for others.

3. Make do without meetings - or at least make sure that you start and end on time. Meetings are dreadful, which is why productive people avoid it. If it can't be helped, though, set a clear limit and go straight to the point.

4. Answering e-mails as they come. Don't be distracted by all the notifications. You can start by checking your inbox on a schedule. You can also use tools that can help you prioritize the important and urgent senders.

5. Stop hitting that snooze button. Falling back to sleep after your alarm wakes you up will make you more tired and groggy. Just don't do it.

6. Multitasking murders productivity. Research revealed that multitasking shortens the attention span and makes it harder to recall information.

7. Procrastinating in doing tough tasks. Don't be intimidated by the more difficult things you need to do. Putting them off will cause them to be affected by decision fatigue and will not be done right.

8. Lessen the use of your phones, tablets and laptops in bed. These devices emit short-wavelength blue light that impairs melatonin production, which interferes with the quality of your sleep.

9. Shoo off sugar. It was said that the ideal is about 25 grams of glucose. Glucose coming from complex carbohydrates such as oatmeal and brown rice lasts longer.

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