Sep 22, 2016 02:50 AM EDT

‘Pokemon Go’ Third-party Locators Revealed; Latest PokeVision Alternatives Come With Risk?

"Pokemon GO" developer Niantic Labs continues its advocacy of a cheat-free Pokemon hunting in the Augmented Reality of "Pokemon GO" through its recent move of turning down PokeVision, a third-party application for easily hunting Pokemon in specific areas. However, with avid gamers still pursuing on hunting down elusive pocket monsters, third-party apps are still abundant with the risk of possible banning from Niantic's terms of service.     

With PokeVision out of the mix, alternatives such as third-party maps or locators that reveal features, similar to the banned third-party app, are sprouting such as PokeEye, PokeVS, PokeFast, and FastPokeMap. 

First on the list is PokeEye. This third-party locator can be easily accessed from their website. According to its description on the website, this application records Pokémon nearby and marks them, along with their appearance timer on the map. It features real-time Pokémon locations, meaning they are currently "live and can be found exactly at the marked spots."

The directions indicate clicking anywhere on the map to scan the area, and clicking the enlarger icon next to the scanner button to change the scan radius. The user can also scan bigger or smaller areas based on his preference. Once scanned, a circle indicating that the area has been scanned recently will appear. This mark will automatically be removed after 5 minutes.

In addition, PokeVS turns out to be the nearest copy of PokeVision currently available. SlashGear reported that the PokeVS scanner can be accessed on the web, and that it also enables users to see what type of Pokémon are in a specific area by only inputting an address.

More so, PokeFast works with a unique setup for Android devices, showing the numbers for each Pokemon around the user, but allowing that user to download icons to replace those numbers separately.

FastPokeMap, on the other hand, is creating a quick-scanning model that gives users a wider range than other alternatives.

Again, players should take in precaution using these third-party maps and locators since Niantic does not approve of these apps. While some may get away using these alternatives, Niantic continues to implement bans to those violating their terms of services.

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