Nov 03, 2016 08:19 AM EDT

Surface Book 2: What We Know So Far And What We We're Looking For

Though there hasn't been an official announcement yet from Microsoft, the Surface Book 2 must be in the cards. If indeed it is happening, Microsoft could build on what went right and iron out what went wrong with the Surface Book.

According to the T3, there's a lot of anticipation around what Microsoft will do next following the launch of the Surface Book in October 2015 and its recent version the Surface Book i7. Based on the update schedule of the Windows 10 and the arrival of Intel's next-generation Kaby Lake processor, spring of 2017 is the season to look out for with regards to the Surface Book 2 Launch.

The rumored specs of Surface Book 2 points to a similar design and an improvement on its internal specs, which would probably include the Kaby Lake processor. The Surface Book 2 should also do away with the original teething problems and the Dynamic Fulcrum Hinge should be improved as well.

Aside from these, what the Surface Book 2 would need is a better screen, according to Techradar. The new model will probably have the same 13.5-inch display but will offer a more conventional 3,380x 2,160 (4K) resolution.

The Surface Book 2 would also need to have a better battery performance considering the original only had a 4-hour battery in the Clipboard and an 8-hour battery when it is in the base. A better battery will be able to support the 2-in-1 laptop's rumored upgrades.

One of the rumored upgrades is a built-in recharge dock for the Surface Pen. The current device uses a standard AAA battery, but a patent reveals that Microsoft is seeking to have a stylus pen with a built-in rechargeable battery.

Another feature that would make the Surface Book 2 shine is if it would be virtual reality (VR) ready. This would require Microsoft to install additional ports to the device to accommodate the VR option.

Though it's not yet official, people are already anticipating the announcement regarding the Surface Book 2. And, if Microsoft can build on what went right and improve upon on what went wrong, the Surface Book 2 would be a great high-end laptop. 

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