Nov 03, 2016 10:58 AM EDT

The Crown Netflix News: What Will The Series Tell About Queen Elizabeth?

By Din Rose

Through The Crown Netflix's latest series,Claire Foy will intrigue the public in her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth's life as a monarch. In addition, the show will also showcase her budding marriage to Prince Philip and emotional struggles as a queen.

Queen Elizabeth II- the oldest living queen who has outlasted most numbers of controversies than her predecessors, will be the star of the show. Although she planned a different life for herself and her new husband, Prince Philip, Matt Smith in real life, they are faced with new roles in any case they aren't ready yet.

USA Today detailed, the queen's earnest and dutiful nature fell short on the new role she will play, as a result of her inadequacies in education and fortitude. Since the untimely death of her father, King George VI, Jame Harris on the actual day, she became the head of the country.

"It's a charged time for her, coming to the throne and becoming the head of state is a unique, odd kind experience ... especially as she's still grieving for her father,"Claire Foy, the actress playing as her said.

In the wake of marriage, the new married couple dreamt of an ordinary life. At that time, Prince Philip (Matt Smith) was a rising navy, they lived in Malta while she planned to be a simple navy wife.

Her husband and marriage obliviously took the blow of the news. In fact, Mirror noted one of the most memorable lines in the series: "Are you my wife or my Queen?" Philip asked her, it is one of the most emotional scenes in the early episodes.

On USA Today again, Smith said, "And with the death of (George VI), everything changed, for her and for him. The conflict is about his great love (for her) and wanting to be the head of the house, and all of that being stripped away from him."

Undeniably, the monarch role wasn't put on the shelf, Elizabeth caught on the role as the head of the state. It is fascinating to watch how she unraveled to be the toughest queen ever there is, one of the difficulties she faced is government's machination.

Although, having the hardest time heading the country in the helm of the second world war, she gained a mentor in the persona of, Sir Winston Churchill (John Lithgow).

Furthermore, her relationship with him became the show's foundation of the storyline. Henry Northmoreon BBC described it as, "a fascinating portrayal of post-war Britain and the birth of the modern monarchy".

The Crown Netflix TV Series, currently most expensive series to date will bring the viewers to monarchy life, the allure and glamor of the aristocracy. On the whole, it will not tell only the story of a Queen Elizabeth II as a wife and sovereign; it will bring an autobiography of a whole country.

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