Nov 04, 2016 12:01 PM EDT

‘Pokemon GO’ Latest News: December Update Intoduces Trading System & PvP Battle! Legendary Birds Articuno, Zapdos & Moltres Released?

Props to Niantic for pulling off a successful Halloween event and thus revitalizing their hit location-based mobile game "Pokemon Go."  The said event featured in-game events that allowed players to earn twice as much candy which is agreeably the most important and useful resource in the game.

This definitely attracted old players to start playing again and get to strengthening those Pokemon they left behind by squeezing the most out of the said event. Sadly, nothing lasts forever and the Halloween event that runs from October 26th to November 1st  has come to an end.

Have no fear, there are recent reports that suggest there is another great event cooking in Niantic's oven that will come with the Pokemon Go update due this December. The said event is supposedly a celebratory event for the holiday season. With Christmas just around the corner, the spawn rate of ice type Pokemon will definitely increase during Pokemon Go's Winter Event, thus this is the perfect time to farm up on Lapras and Seels!

After the huge success of the Double Candy Halloween event, it seems that Niantic is planning to apply the same for their Winter Event. There are some fans who believe that Niantic should also double the EXP and Stardust during the Winter Event. Either way, the December update definitely holds a lot of promise since there are reports claiming that new Pokemon will be making their entrance this Christmas, and it includes legendary Pokemon. That's right, players may now be able to catch Mew and MewTwo, maybe even the Legendary birds Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres!

With regard to the Pokemon Nests, it seems that the sixth migration just happened which means the hot spots players hunt in will get shuffled. There are also reports that say Niantic is also shuffling these nests in secret, thus many have noticed the changes in their hunting grounds. To explain what Pokemon nests are, these are locations where the same kind of Pokemon respawns at exactly the same coordinates repeatedly. 

Moreover, the December update is also rumored to  introduce the much-awaited PvP Battle feature as well as the Trading System. Both of which will definitely bring joy to the fans of Pokemon Go especially those who have loved the Original Nintendo Pokemon series. The latter revolved on actually battling other players and trading with them as well, hence many of the players of Pokemon Go wished to see this feature implemented in this promising location-based mobile game.

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