Nov 11, 2016 12:58 AM EST

Apple iMac Release Date, Specs, News & Update: Launch Delayed! Intel’s Kaby Lake Not Geared For Mass Production? Eyeing CES 2017 Announcement

Apple has delayed the launch of its iMac Computers due to the Intel's new Kaby Lake chipset, as it is not yet geared for mass production. Though Apple has yet to announce a new date for its launch, many are speculating that the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 is the possible event and venue to launch the new models.

According to iTech Post, everyone was expecting Apple to announce the next installment of its iMac PC lineup during its October 26 "Hello again" event. So when no announcement was made, a lot of iMac followers were disappointed.

But it's not Apple's fault, as the cause of the delay is Intel's new Kaby Lake chipset. But delaying the launch to wait for the chipset to be available for mass production is a good move for Apple.

The current version of the iMac was launched two years ago in 2014. Which means the current version is already overdue for an upgrade.

Smart Stock News reports that Microsoft's Surface Studio release has put the pressure on Apple to come up with a computer that has undergone substantial upgrade for it to surpass its rival. And Intel's latest and greatest processing chipset could provide the company's computer the upgrade it needs.

Intel's new Kaby Lake processing chipset could provide the latest iMac with much greater processing power and a more efficient energy use. Plus a lot of developers will be incorporating this new processing chipset, so it's safe to assume Apple would likely incorporate it in its new device to avoid being left behind.

Though there is no news yet coming from Apple on when the latest installment of its iMac will be launched, but rumors and speculations are ripe that January 2017 will be the date. Apple will be among the participants of the CES 2017, which will be held in Las Vegas, and rumors are saying that Apple will use that event to unveil its newly upgraded iMac Computer lineup.

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