Nov 14, 2016 08:13 AM EST

Spotify Version 1.0.42 Removes Bugs on Mac, Windows And Linux Devices; New Version Of Spotify Now Available Online

By Paula

A bug in the Spotify is being patched to give users a better service. This bug has been reducing lifespan of desktop computers, writing gigabytes of data amounting to an hour in the computer.

For remedy, the music app is remedying this on their version 1.0.42 and is currently giving them to their users. The bug has occurred on Mac, Windows and Linux and is affecting idle devices and devices that are not caching local music.

Apple Insider reported that device accumulates 700 gigabytes of activity just by living the software open for a day. This issue is not immediately noticeable but it can affect devices that is using SSDs like Mac Pro and other modern MacBook device.

"Dedicated desktop clients is an advantage for Spotify over Apple Music. Apple music are mostly mobile-oriented can only be reached on Mac and Windows systems through iTunes which can be software burdened," the news site reported.

Just recently, Apple even delayed the launch of its iMac Computers because of the delay on their Kaby Lake chipset. Jobs and Hire reported that many users were speculating that they would probably launch on the Consumer Electronics Show in 2017.

Top of FormThe bug came to light after the music app was bombarded with complaints in June. The news site reported that Windows, Linux and Mac users complained that their download app is accompanied by large a written data.

Parent Herald reported that the app has been expanding their market initiative. Just recently, the music streaming app has released an original content that explains music genre's origins which was entitled "Drawn and Recorded" that has 10 episodes.

The site also reported that the music app was able to revolutionize music service to people. They have already penetrated the Japanese market through an invite-only launch.

Spotify has also used its influence to do the greater good, through their app they have encouraged people to vote. The site this by letting President Barack Obama encourage people to vote on their site, even curating a playlist for voting days before the US Presidential Election.

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