Nov 15, 2016 04:27 AM EST

‘Scream Queens Season 2’ News & Updates: Dr. Holt’s Murderous Hand To Claim First Victim; Low Ratings Cause To Axe Show?

By Paula

Dr. Brock Holt's hand can not control its murdering abilities in "Scream Queens Season 2." Dicky Dollar's death and low ratings may murder "Scream Queens" in Fox. 

Dr. Holt may not be able to control his own hand and murder a patient on a surgery that was asked by Dean Munsch on Episode 7 titled "The Hand." This became evident on Season 2 Episode 2 titled "Warts and All", where Dr. Holt and Chanel went to a theater to watch a 1981 film titled "The Hand".

Dr. Holt felt an odd sensation on his right hand that made him touch one of Chanel's breasts. After that his hand snatched a licorice from a man in the movie house, IBT reported.

Fans should watch out if Dr. Holt can use his hand to save or murder a life. Aside from that, the previous episode also revealed that Dr. Cassidy Cascade is actually a ghost.

He died chocking on his own vomit and admitted that he does not know anything about the condition that led to his death. In the upcoming episodes, fans may see Chanel #3 helping him find out the reason for his death.  

According to Parent Herald, "Scream Queens Season 2" may be the final season for the series. The death of Chad Radwell, who plays Dicky Dollar, may have played a part in this.

The site reported that the new season has a rating that is 33 percent lower than its first season. They also reported that the series' hospital setting seemed forced and lacked the charm it once had.

Radwell is one of the characters that kept the charm from the first season. John Stamos and Taylor Lautner might be a good eye candies for the new season but they might not be enough to save the show.

Jobs and Hire once reported that Emma Roberts said that casting hot male actors for the show is a good move for the series and even joked that it is what the show needs. "Scream Queens Season 2" will return on November 15 for its fifth episode titled "Chanel Pour-Homicide."

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