Nov 15, 2016 01:11 AM EST

Top 5 Timeless Tips That Will Help You Find The Right Job

Looking for a job, especially if you're someone who's new or haven't been job hunting for a quite a while, could be a frustrating and time-consuming process. But it doesn't have to be that way, because with the right tips and advice you'll be able to find the right job for you, without the need to waste your time or to be tired and frustrated.

According to The Muse, the problem usually with job search tips and advice are that there are too many of them out there, which could overwhelm a person. This could potentially hinder the person looking for a job instead of helping.

The Balance reports that it doesn't have to be this way as there are better time-saving tips that can help looking for a job easier. Now here are 6 timeless tips that can help you get the right job:

Make sure you fit the job - When you apply online, an application tracking system usually sorts through your resume or CV to see if you're qualified for the job you're applying for, then it's checked by a person from the human resources department. It's important to make sure that your application would be easy to understand and is connected to the description of the job you're applying for. It usually means your application would need to have certain keywords and skill sets for it to make the cut for the job you're applying for.

Use your network - Applying for jobs online has made it easier for people to search for jobs they are qualified for. However, it also made people lazy and just rely on the simple and easy process of online applications. Don't just rely on online applications; use your network as well. Find ways for you to be able to connect with people working in the company you want to work for. Chances are there is someone in your network who knows someone in the company you want to work for.

Adjust your resume or CV accordingly - Remember that your resume or CV is not permanent. It's ok to modify and customize them and make them more suitable for the position that you are applying for. This will help increase your chances of getting called for an interview.

Don't be like a robot - Someone who appears perfect may seem like too good to be true, and more often than not, it is. So no need to appear too perfect or too polished. Be more natural, memorable and likable, these candidates are the ones who are usually hired or at least given more opportunities.

Lastly, be social - In this world of social media and interconnectedness, it's important that you are at least searchable online. A lot of recruiters go online to search for possible candidates, so if you have a Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn account, the chances of you being searched increases. So make sure you keep your profiles updated on these sites, especially LinkedIn.

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