Nov 15, 2016 04:49 AM EST

'House Of Cards' Season 5 Air Date, Cast & Updates: Character Death Leads To Spin-Off? Netfix Locks Up Show Until 2017

Netflix's series "House Of Cards" Season 5 went all in to make its much-needed comeback in 2017. The fifth season is said to unravel secret affairs, truths that were rather left unspoken and a few major character deaths. 

According to iTechPost, the hit political drama will feature a major character death in its fifth season. "House of Cards" main character Frank Underwood is in danger of being killed by someone who wants to nab the presidential seat. 

The report suggested that Clair has an implied desire for power, which may have gone unnoticed by some viewers. The first lady seems to view herself as Frank's equal, which may just trigger her to act on her political desires. 

Furthermore, back in Season four, the finale revealed that Frank will run for another term and will have Claire as his Vice President. To support the speculation that Frank will lose his life in the show's fifth season, Michael Kelly (Doug Stamper) confirmed that there will be a main character death in "House of Cards" Season 5. 

It is evident that the President has his health getting worse and worse as the seasons go by. Moreover, the love between the couple is long gone and Claire has even practiced extramarital relationships. This indicates that she has nothing to lose, but everything to gain if Frank bites the dust as reported by a previous post in Jobs & Hire.

If rumors stay true, and Claire does nab the presidency from Frank, it may just trigger a spin-off series entitled "First Women." The series will focus on Claire as she makes progress as a female president. There are reports that suggest that "First Women" will be written and produces by Wright with Reese Witherspoon.

According to Game N Guide, Netflix's "House of Cards" is working on a comeback now that they are in their fifth season. All the love that has turned sour, all the truth that will be revealed, and the rumored character death will make or unmake "House of Cards" Season 5. 

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