Nov 17, 2016 07:23 AM EST

‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Found A Way To Make ‘Splash’ Powerful; Magic Karp Now Stronger?

In Pokemon, the "Splash" move is probably the most useless thing in the series so far. But if reports are to be believed, the latest game, "Pokemon Sun and Moon" has actually made this useless move into something quite powerful.

According to Kotaku, since "Pokemon Sun and Moon" has introduced gamers to a feature called "Z-Moves" the lowly "Splash" has turned into a somewhat capable move. "Z-Moves" according to the site are powerful moves that gamers can only use once in battle, But this would require that you are holding the proper item.

A better description for "Z-Moves" is through its official description. "There are two conditions for performing Z-Moves: a Pokémon must learn a move of the same type as a Z-Crystal, and it must be holding the corresponding Z-Crystal."

However, if a gamer pairs the "Z-Moves" with normal moves like the "Splash", the said effect is that it can boost the Pokemon's attack by three times. So if let's say, this move set was used by Gyarados, the effect would be that the "Splash" will mega-boosts an already buffed up Gyarados.

Though do not expect the Magikarp to suddenly become a threat all of a sudden in a Pokemon match as this move set has. Unfortunately, no useful application for the still useless fish. Unless of course, it gets to that juicy level 20 point.

But at least for now, the move "Splash" and that dreaded "but nothing happened" a phrase that accompanies it won't be such a huge "Pokemon" inside joke anymore. Although it will still say that nothing happened when paired with the "Z-Move."

There are so many Pokemon fanatics scouring for exploits and info as the game nears its release date. Here is something from Jobs and Hire for those looking for more information about legendary monsters in "Pokemon Sun and Moon."

A lot of Pokemon fanatics are sure to try this little gem when they get their hands on the game. "Pokemon Sun and Moon" comes out on Nov. 18 per the Pokemon-Sunmoon website.

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