Nov 19, 2016 02:12 AM EST

'Dragon Ball Super' New Arc Update: The Series Will Enter New Arc On December 18, Goku In Danger?

The latest update of "Dragon Ball Super" is that the series will enter a new arc on December 18. The new arc has the main protagonist, Son Goku, being in danger of losing his life.

According to YonkouProductions Blog, V-Jump has announced in their January 2017 issue of the magazine that "Dragon Ball Super" will be entering a new arc. And the new arc will focus on an assassin who will come to Universe 7 to kill Son Goku.

This is the translated synopsis from V-Jump: "Goku is in danger!? The strongest assassin comes to the 7th universe to kill Goku!! The assassin is ordered by an unknown individual."

According to Blasting News, the new arc will center on Hit, the strongest assassin of the Universe 6, coming to Universe 7 to kill Son Goku. The reason for the kill is that Hit was hired by an unknown individual.

The magazine also revealed that the titles of the upcoming arc in the magazine are as follows: "Goku Is In Danger", "The Most Powerful Killer Enters The Universe 7, To Kill Goku", "The Killer Received An Order From An Unknown Individual", and "The Killer Will Be Back Soon". The new arc is scheduled to air on December 18 on Fuji TV, 9 a.m. (Japan Time).

The new arc of "Dragon Ball Super" will have the episode title "Goku Dies! Assassination Order That Must Be Performed". It wasn't revealed the reason for the kill or who the individual was, but what's definite is that Hit will be making his appearance again. And this time not to settle the score with Son Goku, but to kill him.

Before the new arc begins, here the schedule of the next episodes and the titles before the new arc begins: "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 68 - November 2, "Come Forth, Shenlong! Whose Wish Shall Be Granted?!"; "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 69 - December 4, "Goku vs Arale! The Earth Comes to an End Due to their Battle?"; "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 70 - December 11, "Challenge from Champa! Let's fight in baseball!".

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