Nov 22, 2016 03:37 AM EST

'High School DxD' Season 4 Updates, Air Date & Spoilers: Major Plot Twist Ahead; Meet Issei’s New Harem From Future!

"High School DxD" started the trend that incorporates 'harem' theme into anime. It proved to be successful as it has made it a hit, throughout the whole world. Issei will come definitely comeback but there is no proper announcement yet regarding the series' debut and airdate.

Even though the makers of "High School DxD" is quiet, it doesn't mean that the anime version will not continue. Fans are desperately waiting and are convinced that the anime very popular that it lasted into three whole seasons and cancelling it will frustrate lot of enthusiasts.

"High School DxD" is based from the light novel of Ichiei Ishibumi with the same title. It combines the Harem together with flashy action scenes to awe their viewers. The story revolves around Hyodou Issei and his harem as they hurdle each challenges that befalls them.

The plot of "High School DxD" season 4 will presumably turn around the evil god of norse mythology, Loki as he extract revenge and alter the anime's time line to cease Issei's existence. To stop loki, Issei will recruit the help from his daughters from the future. Yes you heard that right, 'Issei's daughters'.

According to Asiastarz, Loki will abuse his power to travel through time and alter his past. In order to obtain absolute victory, Loki made sure that the events related to Issei will not happen at all. But Issei will have an unexpected help coming from the future.

It is believed that in "High School DxD" season 4, Issei will have daughters in the future with the members of his present harem. Issei's children will all have different powers to help him defeat Loki. They are Ex Gremory, Kurenai Himejima, Zen Quarta, Shirayuki, Kurobara, Airi Hyoudou, Shin Shidou, Robertina Hyoudou, Helmwige and Ernestine Galnstein.

We still have no clues regarding the air date of "High School DxD" season 4. Fans' expectations are sky high for the latest installment of the series. Let's patiently wait for Issei's new harem from the future. 

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