Nov 23, 2016 07:53 AM EST

4K Netflix Now Available To Windows 10 PC That Has Intel Kaby Lake Chip, Marketing Ploy For Microsoft Edge

People who own a Windows 10 PC that is powered by an Intel Kaby Lake Chip can now enjoy 4K Netflix and view their favorite show, like "Gilmore Girls" in high-definition (HD). The announcement of 4K Netflix seemed like a marketing ploy for Microsoft Edge, due to the limited availability of devices with Kaby Lake chips.

Windows announced in a blog that 4K Netflix is now available exclusively to compatible PCs and 2-in-1 devices that run Windows 10. Compatible devices are those that has a 4K-capable screen and runs on the 7th Gen Intel Core Processor, or commonly known as the Kaby Lake.

Windows also said that the availability of 4K Netflix also coincides with Netflix releasing four new installments of "Gilmore Girls." So fans who want to relieve the heartwarming moments of the show in HD would only need to have a PC or device that has Kaby Lake chip and runs on Windows 10.

The announcement, though, seems like a marketing strategy for the Microsoft Edge browser, according to The Verge. The company is using viewing "Gilmore Girls" on HD to encourage people to upgrade their hardware.

The problem with the availability of 4K Netflix in Windows 10 is that it only supports Intel's 7th Generation processor, which is not yet available in a lot of devices. The new Kaby Lake chips, though, now support 10-bit HEVC, which is a 4K video codec.

But it's actually not Microsoft's fault as the culprit comes from the DRM requirements of Hollywood studios and TV networks. These content providers are wary of their streams being captured and redistributed illegally so they have very strict control when it comes to 4K playback.

So for those who want to enjoy 4K Netflix, then it's time to upgrade to a device that runs Windows 10 and has Intel's 7th Gen processor. With 4K video becoming more in demand, it will only be a matter of time before a lot of devices is powered by Intel's Kaby Lake chips.

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