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'Beauty And The Beast' 2017 Latest News & Updates: Will Beast End Up Killing Gaston?

The upcoming movie "Beauty and the Beast" comes anew, with the fresh up fade of its own.  Waiting will only take quite a while now as Disney offers a remake of the well loved 1991 film with the modern Belle as the 26-year-old beauty, Emma Watson.

According to Gamenguide, The released trailer and photo teasers for "Beauty And The Beast" 2017 movie have pleased the fans all over  as they appear to be a reproduction from the original animation. Disney fans are very precise with changes applied to reboots of their beloved original animations which is why "Beauty And The Beast" 2017 movie developments have pleased them so far by now. 

Despite being new and modern, the film stays the same in portraying the beautiful relationship of Belle and Dad Maurice, who will be starred by the Oscar winner Kevin Kline.  Maurice, the overly caring father created music boxes with labels of each nation that her daughter must not visit. 

The iconic yellow gown in the "Beauty and the Beast" film has been created by Jacqueline Durran, famous costume designer well known around the globe.  She customized the yellow dress as flowing, thus allowing the lass for more active movement but it was not corseted as it disrupts Belle's up and about character.

The Disney animation of "Beauty And The Beast" was very child friendly, with the fight scenes between Gaston and the Beast a simple scuffle on the rooftop on a rainy night. With "Beauty And The Beast" 2017 movie, things might be a bit different and fall on the darker and more intense.

There are even reports that the fight between Gaston and the Beast will be a bloody and breathtaking scene in "Beauty And The Beast" 2017 movie. Fans are speculating that there will be a major plot twist which involves Gaston's death in the film. 

According to Universityherald, In the new movie's trailer, the background music already received major changes with the remix. Hence, the fans should anticipate an entirely different style of the song on its premier date.

Decades ago, the original movie debuted in theaters worldwide and up till today, the story still captures viewers in a heartwarming way that feels comforting. In an article from Jobs & Hire reports that Disney fans are very thrilled for the upcoming movie "Beauty and the Beast" 2017 film that premier on March 17, 2017 in theaters nationwide.  

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