Nov 24, 2016 04:21 AM EST

'Diablo 3' Patch 2.4.3 Not Just a Bug Fix: New 20th Anniversary Event! Prerequisites for the 'Rise of The Necromancers' DLC Revealed!

By JC Santos

"Diablo 3" Patch 2.4.3 packs not only bug fixes along but also additional features that would vastly improve players' gaming experience — not that the current game performance is clunky. Developer Blizzard also clued that patch 2.4.3 along with two other DLCs are prerequisites for their newest and most-anticipated "Rise of the Necromancers DLC." The patch would feature the Talisman of Akkhan as the 7th piece of the legendary Akkhan armor and allow Barbarian-class players a power increase with an ability called "The Saffron Wrap."

The "Diablo 3" Patch 2.4.3 also adds the "20th Anniversary Event" that involves the appearance of Cultists that may reveal a portal into Tristram — the game world — and its past that involved a dark hold over the town. This might just connect to the "Rise of the Necromancers DLC" storyline. Players can view the complete technical additions on hardware support, client crash/stability fixes and others in's official website.

The "Rise of the Necromancers DLC" will need both the "Reaper of Souls" and "Ultimate Evil Edition DLC" aside from Patch 2.4.3. The DLC will feature a special Necromancer story that according to involves the Necromancers "holed themselves up in the jungles of Kehjistan," training to "keep a balance between the forces of life and death."

The report indicated several abilities such as "Bone Spear", "Siphon Blood" and "Summon Skeletons". The source also featured a complete armor set concept during its design phase.

The DLC might be a way to appease players' disappointment over Blizzard not announcing anything about "Diablo 4" during Blizzcon 2016. The better playing experience coupled with new features and continuous updates keep gamers busy and focused — perhaps a way to distract them before the arrival of "Diablo 4." Besides, "Diablo 4" as a sequel must top "Diablo 3," the latter being an already-amazing game that is difficult to defeat!

Stay tuned for more news and updates regarding "Diablo 3," "Rise of the Necromancer DLC" and everything else Blizzard!

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