Nov 25, 2016 04:00 AM EST

‘Harley Quinn’ Movie Latest News, Update, Spoilers, Casts And Release Date: Will Poison Ivy Appear Too?

Harleen Frances Quinzel commonly known as "Harley Quinn" is one of DC Comic's fictional super villain. Harley Quinn was first introduced in Batman: The Animated Series back in September 1992, and in August this year, she was able to have her theatrical debut in Suicide Squad (Played by Margot Robbie).

Ever since suicide Squad, everybody has been losing their minds about Harley Quinn and fans had been talking about how much they loved her crazy and fearless character. A few months later after her theatrical debut, an article from CinemaBlend talked about Harley Quinn and that she may be getting a spinoff movie which left the fans nothing but excitement.

Recently, a report from GamenGuide confirmed that there will be a Harley Quinn movie and Christina Hodson, who is also working on the "Transformers" spinoff "Bumblebee" movie, is going to work on the superhero/super villain movie.

In July, Margot Robbie talked about Harley Quinn, the character she recently played and thinks it would be amazing if this mayhem and destruction-loving super villain get to have her own movie or a spinoff at least, based on an article from Jobs & Hire. Unfortunately for the fans, Harley Quinn will not be getting a standalone movie.

The movie will center on a group of female super-villains and Harley Quinn is going to be one of them, of course. There had been rumors about the casts saying that Margot Robbie had already signed an "exclusive" contract with Warner Bros. (because no one can really deny the fact that Robbie was really good at playing the character) and because she fell in love with the other DC female characters while doing her research of her own character, she immediately wanted to help in the production of the movie through her production company LuckyChap Entertainment. In the upcoming "Harley Quinn" film, some member of the "Birds of Prey" will appear in the movie together with Catwoman, Katana, Hawkgirl, Poison Ivy, Vixen and more.

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