Nov 26, 2016 01:49 AM EST

Dragon Ball Fusions On 3DS Update: Game Finally Gets Western Release, Online Update On North America Available in Early 2017

The Nintendo 3DS' "Dragon Ball Fusions" had finally gotten its wider Western release last November 22, 2016. But fans in North America will have to wait until early 2017 before they're able to access the online features of the game.

According to Forbes, "Dragon Ball Fusions," which is an action-RPG game that allows players to fuse Dragon Ball characters from across the series, was first released in Japan in August. Japanese fanbase received the game positively, due to the game allowing players to have a fusion of different characters without any limitations, something the television and manga series doesn't offer.

In the Dragon Ball Series, fans only get to see the fusion of certain characters like Goten and Trunks to form Gotenks or Goku and Vegeta to form Vegito or Gogeta in the "Dragon Ball Fusion Reborn" movie. But the game removes that limit due to the Metamo-Ring that will allow the players to fuse characters such as Goku and Gohan, or Vegeta and Trunks, and a lot more.

Now fans in North America, who owns a 3DS, can enjoy "Dragon Ball Fusions." But they do have to wait if they want to play the game's online multiplayer features.

Bandai Namco said in the "Dragon Ball Fusions'" launch press release that the online multiplayer feature of the game is not yet available. Fans in North America will have to wait in early 2017 for the release of the update.

Once the downloadable update is released, fans can enjoy playing "Dragon Ball Fusions'" online features such as online battles, online special moves trading function, new characters, new fusion possibilities and a lot more. Bandai said that the update will be free and more information will be provided at a later date.

For now, fans should enjoy playing "Dragon Ball Fusions" in 3DS. And it's just in time for the holiday season.

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