Nov 25, 2016 09:09 AM EST

Top 4 Common Traits Of Successful Entrepreneurs Revealed In Their Words Of Wisdom

By FG Dulin

Anyone who wishes to become an entrepreneur will only need to take a wild guess to understand that it is not easy. However, one can always derive inspiration from those who have already succeeded. Most importantly, they all share four common traits.

These four common traits are not remotely unique to the great individuals that graced history's business Hall of Fame (considering there is such a thing). In fact, these are some of the simple characteristics that are prevalent in all humankind.

1. An eye for talent

As one of the key personality traits featured by the Entrepreneur online magazine, being able to recognize talent has taken their business to great heights. Good entrepreneurs encourage their staff to try out new ideas.

2. Focus on growth

In essence, a successful entrepreneur is a pragmatist. Based on an article featured in Jobs & Hire, the financial approach of Chinese investors would serve as a great example for fledgling entrepreneurs. Business must not be a short-term high-risk gamble but a long-term low-risk avenue for growth.

3. Resilience or adaptability

Most successful entrepreneurs are no stranger to failure. The one thing that separates them from other fledgling capitalists is that they know how to rely on their wits (e.g. do their research) to turn things around.  

4. Unconquerable passion

If there is one trait that prominent CEO's share with each other, it is unbridled passion. According to a report published by Life Hacker, a study conducted by independent business researchers has found out that "65 percent of the founders are identified as driven by heart."

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