Nov 27, 2016 05:11 AM EST

US High-Paying Jobs List Tips, Guides & News: 5 Top Low-Stress Unbelievably Pay Well

By Din Rose

Most people enroll in a managerial course in college, hoping to fish a nice high-paying job after. Although, there are times someone just needs to relax and get something fun to get an incredibly skyrocketing career and salary. There are actually top 5 low-stress high-income jobs in U.S. which most people don't know.

According to Trade Schools being an "Art Model" is one, actually what the employee needs is just to pose for a drawing or a painting class for this. And, it scrapes about "Average hourly wage-$17.91 and Highest hourly wage-$26.28 or more".

Next career is being a "Baker". Notably, one just need to learn how to mix and bake pastry ingredients to master baking. There are now a lot of technical courses for this. While it needs an extra learning, nothing can go wrong with an annual income of $26,270. That's about $12-$15 an hour!

Furthermore, "Medical Transcriptionist" is also a good low-stress work. The skills needed are just coding and typing skills. One's effort in listening to long audios can muster $15.19 per hour and experience gives extra credit.

If one is well-verse in spotting grammatical errors, Findproofreading suggests "Proofreading" job. The essential skill for this job may be hard at first but actually, there are a lot of software tools now for it. Definitely, a good job that gives a whopping $32,780 annual salary.

Lastly, "Mathematician" job pay well the most. Maybe, some would say it's not a low-stress job but with a $111,110 per year and a $53.42 per hour it's not actually bad. In a report by US Bureau of Labor, it states having in-depth understanding and application skills in mathematical principles can lead someone to this job.

In all, it's actually easy to spot some nice well-paying jobs in U.S. if you have good ideas. So, for more latest information about work and salary in U.S. just stay tuned to Jobs & Hire.

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