Nov 28, 2016 01:49 AM EST

‘Clash of Clans’ Latest News: December 2016 Update Moved To January 2017? New Characters, Battle Feature & Virtual Reality Feature Causing Delay?

Supercell has yet to shed light on the rumors surrounding the December 2016 Update of "Clash of Clans." Supercell's silence led fans to speculate that the December patch may be delayed and moved to January 2017. The patch will supposedly introduce new characters, battle feature, and virtual reality (VR) feature.

The fans have been hyped up in anticipation for the supposed massive December 2016 Update since the "Halloween Event." According to GameNGuide, Supercell has been known to delay its update. The report notes that the developer has released an update to "Clash of Clans" last October 2016 which was supposed to be released in September 2016.

This time, though, Supercell may be having difficulties incorporating some of the new features to "Clash of Clans" which may cause the developer to delay the update until January 2017. If this rumored delay is true, it is going to be a huge blow to "Clash of Clans" fans. With "Clash of Clans" updates coming too few and in between, games like "Pokemon GO" are stepping into the gap to claim the top spot in the mobile gaming industry.

However, fans are expecting Supercell to fight back and take the top of the hill with the December 2016 Update. And with speculations of new characters, new battle features, and a new VR feature to be introduced, it seemed that Supercell is on the right track.

The December 2016 Update is reportedly being used as the platform to introduce the Red Barbarian King, a host of sea-features, such as pirates, mermaids, submarines, and underwater missiles. Also in the pipeline is the new "wizard versus goblins" battle feature. Not much is known about this new feature except for what the title suggests.

With Supercell releasing a Hog Rider 360-Degree video on its official YouTube Channel, some players decided that it was a clue that a VR feature would soon be introduced by Supercell. However farfetched the idea is, it took a life of its own and got the fans excited.  Since "Clash of Clans" can now be played on computers, the VR feature has merit.

A few days ago, Supercell introduced on Twitter the "Clash-A-Rama" animated series. Supercell is going to air full episodes of the Clash-World-based animated series featuring characters from "Clash of Clans" and "Clash Royale." So far, the animated series has been the only solid information fans have gotten from Supercell. And it's not even an in-game update which caused mixed reactions from gamers.

With barely 3 days left in November, fans are still clamoring for information regarding Supercell's December 2016 Update for "Clash of Clans." And if these rumors involving the new characters, new battle feature, and virtual reality (VR) feature are the major cause of delay for releasing the December patch, fans can probably wait until January 2017.

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