Nov 29, 2016 01:40 AM EST

‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Cheats, Tips, Tricks: QR Codes Help Players Know The Location Of Alolan Pokemon, Helping Them Catch It All

Players of "Pokemon Sun And Moon" will now have help in locating and getting more information about the Pokemon found in the game. With the use of the QR code scanner, a feature that has been available since the launch but only a few actually know about it, catching all the Pokemon will now be easier.

According to Polygon, the every code that players can scan in "Pokemon Sun and Moon"  to one Pokemon in the regional Pokedex of Alola. Players will just need to scan these codes and register them to in the Pokedex.

Once registered, the Pokedex will tell the player where on Alola, if it is found on the island, the Pokemon can be caught. This is a great way for players to fill-up their Pokedex.

Eurogamer reports, though, that players can only use the QR code scanner 10 times a day. For every scan, 10 points will be given to the players. Once the player achieves 100 points, a new feature will be revealed.

The new feature is called "Island Scan," where it will reveal to players the location of a non-Alolan Pokemon in "Pokemon Sun and Moon." There is a total of 28 non-Alolan Pokemon that a player can catch and players will only have one chance of capturing the non-Alolan Pokemon through "Island Scan".

Since "Island Scan" can also only be used once a day in "Pokemon Sun and Moon," players will have to wait another day if they fail in their attempt of catching a non-Alolan Pokemon. The QR code scanner feature will be unlocked after players have beaten the main campaign.

For players who want the complete list of QR codes in "Pokemon Sun and Moon," Reddit users have compiled all of the codes in the game. There's also an Imgur page that players can view to get the QR codes. 

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