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'Pokemon Sun And Moon' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Ultra Beasts! Where To Find Them & What Happens After Catching Them All

The mysterious Ultra Beasts in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" are no longer a mystery as the whereabouts of these Pokemon beasts are finally revealed. Catching all of the Ultra Beasts will also reveal a Legendary Pokemon.

According to iDigitalTimes, the biggest mystery in the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" game are the Ultra Beasts, as their story is told throughout the game. They are basically beings from another dimension that the Aether Foundation and other Pokemon professors are investigating.

The players' are then tasked to capture these beasts for the International Police. The Aether Foundation created Beast Balls that players will use to capture the Ultra Beasts.

Some of the Ultra Beasts are only available in certain versions of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" and it will be noted in which version the Ultra Beasts will appear in. Once an Ultra Beast appears, players would need to catch them first before they're able to fight or catch the next Ultra Beast.

The first Ultra Beast to appear is Nihilego, a poison rock type that can be found on Diglett Cave or Vela Mountain. After defeating or capturing the first Ultra Beast, the Moon version will get Pheromosa, a bug fighting type, while the Sun version will get Buzzwole, also a bug fighting type.

Both of the second Ultra Beasts, regardless of the version, can be found in Verdant Cavern. The third Ultra Beast is Xurkitree, an electric type, that can be found in Lush Jungle and Memorial Hill.

The fourth Ultra Beast will again depend on the version of the game, with the Moon getting Celesteela, a steel flying type, and the Sun getting Kartana, a steel grass type. Both beasts can be found in Haina Desert and Malie Garden.

The fifth and final Ultra Beast is Guzzlord, a dark dragon type and it can be found in the Resolution Cave. Defeating these Ultra Beasts will not be an easy task as the first Ultra Beast will start at level 55.

These beasts also have the Beast Boost ability, where the best stats of the Ultra Beasts increase every time they knockout a Pokemon. The best way to counter this is to use your first turn to change their ability.

BGR reports that once all Ultra Beasts are captured or defeated, a Legendary Pokemon called Necrozma will appear. This Legendary Pokemon can be found when a player travels to Ten Carat Hill, heading out the north exit to Farthest Hollow and running around in the grass for a while.

Remember, though, to put a Pokemon that is at level 70+ in the first slot, as Necrozma is level 75 and will easily defeat any Pokemon under-leveled Pokemon. Bring a stack of Ultra Balls as well as Beast Balls will be useless against this Legendary Pokemon. 

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