Nov 21, 2016 08:12 AM EST

‘Pokemon GO’ Latest News & Update: Mewtwo Arriving In December, But Legendary Pokemon Not A Good Idea For The Game

It's possible that "Pokemon GO" will be introducing Mewtwo, one of its most powerful Pokemon, in a big event this December. However, having the legendary Pokemon finally make its appearance will likely break the game.

According to iTech Post, having a big capture event for Mewtwo makes a lot of sense to have it in December due to the Christmas holiday season. Making Mewtwo available during the gift-giving season will be the perfect gift Niantic can give to its fans.

The event could even lure players who have already quit or entice new ones to play the game. If the company passes up on the Christmas season, there's still the New Year's Eve.

New Year is usually a time of the year where large crowds naturally gather in a place for the countdown. Niantic could take advantage of this and hold a capture event during this period.

The trailer for "Pokemon GO" had Mewtwo appearing in what seems to be the New York Times Square, where the legendary Pokemon was fighting hordes of other Pokemon under a time limit. When the players defeated Mewtwo, everyone who participate was able to capture the rare Pokemon.

Niantic could actually make this similar event a reality. But making the legendary Pokemon available, might not be a good idea as it could break the game.

Forbes reports that the current gym system will make the entire "Pokemon GO" world be ruled by the tyranny of hundreds of thousands of Mewtwos. If Niantic pushes through with a big capture event that will allow players who participate in the event, "Pokemon GO" will be flooded with hundreds of thousands of Mewtwo owners.

Since Mewtwo is considered one of the most powerful Pokemon, the "Pokemon GO" version will likely follow the trend. With Mewtwo, being powerful, players are likely to use them as gym protectors, similar with Dragonite, Lapras, and Snorlax.

Once this happens, the entire gym landscape will be flooded with Mewtwo and other players will also be using their own Mewtwo to take over these gyms. Not only will the gym system be ruined, but the game itself, as the once legendary Pokemon that's considered a god because of its rarity and uniqueness, will now lose its magic and mystique because it will be flooding the game.

Unless Niantic makes changes to its gym system or has an NPC battling system, it would be unwise to introduce Mewtwo to the "Pokemon GO" world. The game will just break and lose its appeal to players even faster.

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