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Top Secret: Best Ways To Achieve Better Work-Life Balance

As technology continues to make access to information, communication and data processing way easier these days. It seems to also trim the line thinner between living and working. This could lead to more people having a harder time distinguishing both as they learn to adapt a poor work-life balance, hence, the need for a refreshment regarding such.

Based on a survey by the Harvard School of Business, 94 percent of working professionals admitted serving for 50 hours a week on their job. And nearly half of it even mentioned they are working for more than 65 hours per week, which means lesser time in having their own personal affairs. This could indeed induce more stress which can eventually damage matters like health, relationships and even personal happiness, Forbes' report said.

While it is true that career and personal life are equally essential, both could be destructive to one another if left unbalanced. Therefore, learning to cope with this dilemma is significant. With that being said, here are useful tips and guides to achieve a better work-life balance:

Work as a professional, not as a perfectionist

Perfectionism is often seen to overachievers who set goals that could be impossible to reach. While perfecting a job is a plus, it doesn't need to be the basis of everything. Otherwise, your body and mind might be burnt out and your personal life be sacrificed.

Learn to loosen up a bit and admit that life is not meant to be perfect all the time and so is your work. Accept mistakes and slowly learn from it instead of avoiding such and keeping perfectionism in your mind.

Refrain from work during Day Off

Most jobs include a single or two days off in order for workers to relax and refresh for the next week. However, due to the easy access in communication, many tend to still be attached with their bosses or do work even on their off.

This is an example of a poor work-life balance. Refraining from your job during off days doesn't mean you are avoiding the responsibility but a sign of knowing when to actually accept workloads and when not to. Turning off your mobile device and disconnecting from the line might help you to focus on other endeavors or simply enjoy your private time. However, be sure to leave everything clear and keep everyone noted of your total disconnection during your off and always see to it to finish your tasks before you end your job for the week.

Have a healthy lifestyle

Working can be healthy for the pocket but too much work may cause otherwise in your body and brain. Hence, supporting such with a healthy lifestyle is indeed important. According to Mayo Clinic, exercise is an effective in reducing stress as well as boosts the production of feel-good endorphins throughout your body. This helps lift up your mood as well as make you more proactive.

Having a regular exercise doesn't mean you need to enroll to the gym or be in a regular zumba class. Rather, it can also be done at home, when doing chores, moving around or walking to your neighborhood. A well-balanced diet must also be observed to keep a healthier body and mind.

Give time to important matters

As much as possible, people tend to do everything that they desire along with working full-time. Admit it, dividing our time for both work and personal life can be stressing at times. Hence, to achieve a better work-life experience, it is important to give priorities to things that matters to you and let go of those which only eats up your time.

According to Forbes, you cannot do everything at once and therefore must focus more on the things that you specializes in, as well as the ones that you value the most. This may also mean creating a change in the structure of your life, especially if your current setup doesn't work for you anymore. As the report says, a better work-life balancing is the perfect way to achieve a more successful career and a happier life. For more tips on work-life balance as well as other job related articles, visit Jobs & Hire.

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