Nov 30, 2016 05:18 AM EST

Job Advice: 5 Tips On How You Can Make Your Resume Stand Out

In applying for a job, the resume is the applicant's first form of contact with a potential employer. So it's important that the resume is able to stand out against the other applicants' own resumes.

Monster said it's important that applicants craft their resumes in a way that it will impress hiring managers. A well-made resume could help applicants land an interview with a potential employer.

Inc. reports that resumes also give the employers the first impression about an applicant. A well-crafted resume gives a good first impression, while a sloppily made resume gives a bad impression.

So how should resumes be made in order for it to stand out and give a good first impression? Here are 5 tips on making sure a resume stands out in a good way.

The first tip is to craft the resume in a way that it fits the description of the job being applied for. It's important to note that an applicant's resume should fit the description of the job opening. So don't just send a generic resume, make sure it fits the job.

The next tip would be to remove information that is irrelevant. This also means keeping your resume professional. No need to put too much unnecessary information just to make your resume look thick and long. Just stick to career facts that are relevant and avoid talking too much about personal hobbies or interests.

The third tip is to describe the accomplishments and not the job description. When writing previous work experience, don't put the description of the job, write there the achieved accomplishments. Hiring managers wouldn't be impressed with what kind of job that an applicant did before, but they would take notice of the accomplishments the applicant achieved in that job.

The fourth tip is to use a modern and professional format. A resume is not an art canvas or an invitation that an applicant gives to the employer. It's a professional document that contains an applicant's credentials.  It's important that it follows a modern and professional format. It should also be pleasing to the eye, which means texts, bullet points and paragraphs are arranged accordingly for easy reading.

The last tip is to always tell the truth in the resume. It's important that applicants only put what facts about them and their careers in the resume. Telling a lie, just to increase credentials will eventually haunt an applicant. Lying about the credentials may get an applicant an interview or even a job. But once the actual job starts, an applicant cannot lie anymore about a credential that he or she doesn't really have. 

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