Nov 17, 2016 08:40 AM EST

Job Advice: Signs That Will Tell You That It’s Time To Change Jobs

There are usually moments in your life where you feel that you are in the wrong job or that it might be time for a change. But how can you be sure that it really is time for you to look for another job? Are there signs that you need to look at or do you just go with a gut feeling?

According to Monster, changing jobs is not a simple matter where you'll only need a day or two to decide. Usually, it is decided upon over time, considering all the variables that are in play.

The Muse reports that finding the career for you is usually a trial and error process. You experiment on a career, checking if it's the one for you, then moving on if it's not.

There are usually signs that will help you know if it's time to look for a new job or not. And here are the signs that you need to look out for:

Energy Depletion and Boredom - There are times you would feel tired, bored and drained because of work. But when waking yourself up in the morning to go to work becomes a chore in itself, then there must be a problem. It means you're not motivated to work anymore. What you can do here is to break down your work component and see what the problem is. Once identified, you can take the proper course to address it. If it's just the long commute, consider living near where you work or work somewhere that is near your house. But if your problem is with the career itself, consider changing your career.

Apathy - There are moments where you just don't feel like working. You just don't care or are just coasting through. Usually a good night's rest or talking it over with someone helps. But if you're constantly wishing that you are somewhere else, just going through the motions and operating on autopilot, then it's time to consider shaking things up. Try to look for something that would actually make you care. If you still like what you do, but the work culture is just not making it fun for you, consider changing companies. Sometimes it's the environment that is dragging us down or work situation that is dragging us down.

Overwork - Being overworked is also a sign that it may be time for you to move on. Companies usually have a period where the work is heavy but it's also followed by periods where work is normal. The heavy workload is usually manageable, but when it becomes constant, there's no more fun in it. It's also not good for your health to constantly taking on a heavy workload. So when you're in this situation, it may be time to think of changing companies, or changing career path, especially if your health is already affected.

Jealousy - Jealousy at work could also be a sign that you need to change your career. This is because when you feel jealous with a co-worker who is in a different department because of what he or she is doing, then it may be time for you to work in a career similar to your co-worker. A lot of times we take up courses or jobs that we only took because we don't have other options or we don't know what we want yet. Once you find what you want then its time for you to go there.

Once you've decided to change your job or move on to a different company, it's important to have a proper timing in letting your current employer that you are leaving. Consider the proper notice period that you need to provide to your company, as well the projects or jobs that you will be leaving.

It's better that you leave on good terms than leaving on a sour note. This way, you'll be able to retain a good reference from the company that you just left. 

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