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‘Doctor Strange’ Film Latest News & Updates: Stephen Strange Beats Tony Stark With A Whooping $600M Box Office Hit

Since its world premiere, US-wide launch, and overseas releases, "Doctor Strange" couldn't be stopped from beating some of the highest-grossing films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With its current standing of over $600 million earnings, "Doctor Strange" is indeed the highest-grossing superhero debut film by far.

"Psychedelic" prediction came true

Even before its release in November, many people had been so eager to share their insights about the film. While some said that it's going to be just a typical superhero-beating-enemy story, many foresaw it as a more "psychedelic" superhero film with stunning visuals and acting.

In an interview with DesdeHollywood, Anthony Mackie predicted the movie to be "different" and "creatively stimulating" reports Cinema Blend. He actually was not wrong about his prediction. The film dominated the big screen with superb visuals inspired by Escher and Inception.

From "Iron Man" to "Doctor Strange"

Before "Doctor Strange", "Iron Man" was sitting pretty well as the highest-grossing standalone film in the MCU with $585 million box office record. Apparently, Tony Stark had to step down and give way to Stephen Strange. According to Movie News Guide, "Doctor Strange" is currently sitting on it's thrown with $616 million earnings as of December 1, 2016. It is not the final tally, though, as the film still airs in theaters overseas.

Strange surpasses Stark. That's the fact now. However, if the film is to compare with everything in the MCU's list, "Doctor Strange" would only fall to the ninth spot, with the "Guardians of the Galaxy" taking the lead along its $773 million box office record.

Dr. Strange's fans, however, can still hope to see the "psychedelic" film climb up as it is still to be released in other overseas theaters. Japan, in particular, will be launching the movie on January 27 next year. The highest overseas record of the film is its launch in China with $109.6 million.

Meanwhile, reports say that the movie is already having its sequel and to star the Karate Kid actor Jaden Smith. Check out the report by Jobs & Hire.

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