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Job Advice: 3 Tips On How To Dress Properly For A Job Interview

One of the common questions that applicants usually ask if they're called and scheduled for a job interview is attire would be appropriate to wear for the said interview. Though the answers to this usually vary, there are certain tips on how one can dress properly for a job interview.

According to Monster, each interviewer usually has his or her own unique tastes and preferences on what is appropriate as a job interview attire. But deciding on what to wear for a job interview is not as difficult as applicants might think.

The Balance reports that a candidate's attire to a job interview represents his or her first impression to the job interviewer. Employers usually create their first assessment about an applicant, based on what he or she wears.

Though deciding on what to wear should not be difficult, it's still important to note that there are appropriate attires to be worn during a job interview. Here are three tips on how an applicant dresses properly for a job interview.

The first tip is for the applicant to dress one or two levels up like wearing luxury watches. What this means is that applicants should be dressing like they are applying for the officer or supervisor level, even if they're just applying for an assistant position. Doing this show the applicant care for the job and you respect the game.

The second tip is to be conservative when you dress. Covering tattoos, removing some of the piercing and dressing conventionally (long sleeves polo, slacks, a formal skirt for ladies, etc.) will help in an applicant's first impression with the interviewer. A hiring manager only needs 10 seconds to decide whether he or she likes an applicant or not. So dressing to show off tattoos or a new hip outfit may not be a good idea.

The third tip is to learn more about the company or industry you're trying to get into. Wearing a suit is not always a prerequisite or a requirement for applicants to wear to an interview. A formal jacket could be a good substitute for coats. Research about the industry, see how you can play with what you could wear that would still make you look formal and decent during an interview.

Take note, though, a collarless shirt is not a good idea, according to Kate Wendleton, president and founder of the Five O'Clock Club. She's also suggesting for men to put on a jacket, even when they're not wearing a tie.

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