Dec 01, 2016 09:03 AM EST

‘Clash Royale’ Game Hack, Latest News & Update Leak: Mega Minion, Lava Hound, Elixir Collector & More December Update Finally Out!

By Din Rose

"Clash Royale" Supercell just seem to get better from its the latest updates. Now, another early December updates: Mega Minion, Elixir Collector, Tombstone, Lava Hound and Poison are going to rock the fans. The changes were prompted by the game developers hope to bring improved gameplay to its avid players.

Apart from the reported Elite-Barbarian-Sneak-Peek! the updates were launched Nov 31st. Although, the avid "Clash Royale" fans can fully use feel it this early December. 

"Clash Royale" Web Blog indicates Mega Minion damage increase by 6%, Elixir Collector speed increase to 8.5sec, and Poison destruction increase to 10%. Those are impressive "Clash Royale" updates to begin with.

The Mega Minion will get now better offense and defense. It is a card favorite so Supercell wants to deliver a less obvious attack for the user's end.

With the Elixir Collector in "Clash Royale", it heavily became an underused card since its last update. To get back its glory days, the developers bring added reproduction speed to entice players use.

In Poison's place, they want this card to better compete with the other spells. Seemingly, its wide berth left it behind so to add strategy diversity, so damage increase is put to use.

The Bit Bag further explains the recent changes in "Clash Royale" of Lava Hound and Tombstone cards. Additionally, the two will have a similar nerf buffing.

Moreover, Lava Hound will only have slight adjust on its Lava Pup 1% hit. It explains that the massive number of "Clash Royale" Lava Hound affects the interaction with Crown Tower.

The most used building card, Tombstone, an additional .4 second will influence its next construction. Apparently, the big number of skeletons removes the game's excitement so they tighten up the movers home base.

To sum up, the "Clash Royale": "Balance Live" December Update will surely make a rewarding play time with of the fans. For the latest news and updates, just stay tuned to Jobs & Hire.

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