Dec 01, 2016 05:16 AM EST

'Left 4 Dead 3' Latest Updates: New Features And Characters Revealed; Release Date Announced

"Left 4 Dead" has always been a a thrilling game since their first scene in the gaming world. Though after the second installment, it seems that the game has not appeared once more. However, hints of the game sequel have been rumored and game fanatics have also been busy sighting the latest updates.

For example, Valve and its quiet VR lab experiments all the technology and other tools. But nothing much has come farther except for the VR headset. Though the developer of the game has not spoken about "Left 4 Dead 3" sequel, fanatics and gamers still can still find out about the game in another way.

According to University Herald, Valve's engineer Alan Yates who is working with the company in the VR research team has given hints. This is regarding the zombie apocalyptic themed game. With this being said, it could be possible that the game could still be in its early stage wherein it could and might end up needing VR support.

The zombie theme video game should have more than enough changes to it. If indeed Valve moves on to go on a sequel. It has been reported that the game wil consist of four characters. Gender wise, it will be a ratio of 3 males and one female.

Horrific and gruesome settings, more added features and elements in all characters. In addition, the quality of the game should be incorporated by Valve well enough, as the experience is concerned regarding "Left 4 Dead 3." The open world should bring more option on the scrutiny of the game.

According to Gamerant, it has been learned that there will be six campaigns which will include Early Destination and Inquisitor. On the other hand, reports suggest that November 2017 will be its premier date in stores, but not much information has been revealed yet.

So far it is speculated that it will be available on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. For more updates on the latest trends and news stay tuned to Jobs & Hire.

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