Nov 26, 2016 04:37 AM EST

The News That Rocked The Music World: Who Killed Kurt Cobain? The Truth Revealed!

Two Decades have passed since Kur Cobain's death and still up until now it still is a mystery though ruled by officials as suicide it is once again visited and being investigated to try to unlock the whole truth and the real cause of his death. Now the rock icon is being explored in a different spectrum, the graphic novel.

According to Highs Nobiety, the novel explores the whole life of the Nirvana frontman. The whole truth explores his imaginary friend called "Boodah", to his mental state of being, to the point of suicide which would be his last draw.

The trailer about the novel explains scenes of his early Nirvana days on gigs, falling inlove with Courtney love and his troubling life scenes of pure anguish and torture. From the point of view of his imaginary friend, Boodah says in the novel "Kurt took me everywhere, from his romances, into his veins, to his intestines until his silent screams, everywhere."

The Novel speaks through his imaginary friend, Boodah who will take readers on a rollercoaster of Kurt Cobain's life from the highs to the lows of his illustrous career. From the dim lighted gigs that started his career in seattle to the bright lights in new york that started his world stage fame.

According to NME, two years ago officials reviewed the case once more on Kurt Cobain's untimely death in unison with 20th anniversary of his last breath. But, again it was closed due to the fact that it had no other evidence that could change the whole aspect of the final verdict.

But who really killed Kurt Cobain will still remain a mystery as no one really knew one happened what or how he ended up at the other side of life. One thing is for sure he will remain as one of the icons in the rock music industry for years and years to come.

The new graphic novel is now available via IDW Publishing. For more of the latest news and updates stay tuned to Jobs & Hire.

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