Nov 25, 2016 05:35 AM EST

'Dota 2 Monkey King' Release Date, News & Updates: 'Leaked' New Hero, Power & Ability

Sun Wukong, the Monkey King is based on the legendary character from the Chinese classic novel "Journey to the West." He is the first original hero specially made for "Dota 2 Monkey King."

The Monkey King, Sun Wukong, has been used and appeared in many major Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA). In the new upcoming series in "Dota 2 Monkey King," his power and abilities are still uncertain but the abilities are not very far from his abilities in other versions of the said game.

In a Reddit post, an anonymous developer has leaked a new information about the upcoming Dota 2 hero and a particular time and it's not its skills but rather, a new arcana that is expected to come upon the hero's official premiere. The post contains algorithm of the item and how it interacts with the distinct hero.

According to iTechpost, Dota 2 Monkey King is expected to come out with the Echo Sweep. Here the Monkey King will release his spirit, sweeping the ground and dealing harm. All his foes will reportedly be hit with a single attack from a mirage.

Another Dota 2 Monkey King power is the Nimble Nimbus where his illusions will try to lock over the target on each hit, swapping areas. His Cloud Dance can also immobilize the Target hero and surround them with illusions.

In "Heroes of Newerth" Monkey King version, he used his iconic stuff, Ruyi Jingu Bang, to knock enemies out and smash the earth. He also used cloud to travel even faster on the map.

In "League of Legends", the utilization of his stuff is his ultimate ability, which is called the Cyclone. It is very similar to Juggernaut's own blade fury in "Dota 2 Monkey King."

According to an article from Jobs & Hire, Dota 2 treasures are said to be free. Note that there will be a low probability of getting a set for Undying and Shadow Fiend. and on another note, players may need to get the Battle Pass to levels 13, 19 and 46 first but players may opt to obtain the treasures for £1.59 a pop.

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