Dec 01, 2016 05:02 AM EST

'Half Life 3' Latest Update: 'Half Life' Sequel Included In Steam Awards? Here Is What Valve Has To Say

Fans of "Half Life 2" have nominated the game in the famous Steam Awards in the category 'Game that deserves a Sequel.' Though it has not been known yet whether the sequel of the game will be on the top charts in the gaming world. This is once it is released to the general public.

According to University Herald, the voice of the fans have been heard that they want a sequel of "Half Life 2" and it seems they only agree on one thing that is to be heared and as mention another sequel. The category they have been voted in has earned a lot of votes that total to about 6440 and is still rising as of the moment which probably will get a lot of good feedbacks to the community and Valve.

It has also been reported by Washington Post, that Valve co-founder, Gabe Newell, made it a point to clear out things at one point. That it needs adaptable human resources as the gaming industry is in a non stop movement of changing making twist and turns trying to tweak small detail just to make everything look perfect, unique and realistic.

With that said, the trending movement towards VR and AR gaming adaption and basing on the Valve's co-founder on the past years. Valve, the company who created "Half Life 2" might need to think about the experimentation of new areas of the game to create the hype they need for it to be a successful game.

With that statement it should bring more and a whole lot of improveents to "Half Life 3." It would probably be expanding in both story and overall gaming display and experience of the game. But that is if Valve would go for the sequel fans have been urging to play. For the latest news and updates stay tuned to Jobs & Hire.

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