Dec 03, 2016 07:22 PM EST

GTA 5 Online Latest News & Update: The Import/Export DLC Will Include Special Vehicles And More Garage Space

"GTA 5 Online" will be getting a major update, with the new Import/Export DLC coming out this month. The new update includes the availability of "Special Vehicles" that players will use to complete missions and more garage space.

Rockstar Games announced that the new Import/Export DLC of "GTA 5 Online" will be introducing "a whole new series of criminal pursuits" that will centre on acquiring and selling high-value vehicles. The developer also mentioned that accomplishing the missions in this new DLC will require "talent, coordination and the tactical use of some brand new 'Special Vehicles.'"

While Rockstar didn't reveal what those "Special Vehicles" are, they did show a sample of what the players and fans can expect in "GTA 5 Online's" Import/Export DLC. The vehicle that the developers showed resembles the "Flip Car" that was used in "Fast and the Furious 6."

It's basically like a ramp wit wheels. In the movie, the vehicle was used to toss aside cars in the front. It will probably have the same usage in the game.

Aside from "Special Vehicles," the Import/Export DLC also increased the number of vehicles that players can store in their garage. The new Executive Office Garages will provide players with an additional 60 vehicle storage space.

According to GTA 5 Cheats, the limited storage space has been a complaint of a lot of "GTA 5 Online's" players. But with the additional space, players can now to store up to 160 vehicles in their garage.

Though the players were clamouring for Rockstar to lift the limit, an additional 60 vehicles is already a huge leap forward. Maybe in the next update, Rockstar will eventually remove the vehicle storage limit in "GTA 5 Online."

The new update will be coming out this month. Though Rockstar didn't mention an exact date, it's safe to assume that the Import/Export DLC of "GTA 5 Online" could come out in the next two weeks. 

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