Nov 18, 2016 03:14 AM EST

'Call of Duty' Latest News & Update: Hidden Weapons Possible To Be Available In Future DLC? Proof To Rumors Revealed!

The latest rumors for the "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered"  is that the future DLC will contain weapons that are found hidden within the game's files. Hidden among the files, is a data that also hints at a weapon's dealer update, increasing the notion that the game will feature new weapons when it is updated in the future.

Reddit user Semyel said a friend of his named Tails has found weapons in that have appeared in older versions of "Call of Duty". But there's reference to a new weapon, the Kamchatka, an automatic shotgun that hasn't been seen in any versions of the game before.

Though their findings ignited rumors that they might be part of Call of Duty's future DLC, Semyel believes that these items were, at some point, "in the development cycle" the game developers were planning as part of a supply drop system. But scrapped it when  players were complaining about the "Call of Duty: Black Ops 3's" supply drop weapons.

Peter Glagowski of Destructoid, also believes that the files were just left there because developers didn't bother to remove them. And this is something that isn't new with video games.

"This is similar to what Rockstar did with the Hot Coffee nonsense all those years ago," he said. "The average consumer doesn't have the means to access these types of files, so it becomes easier to hide them instead of removing them."

But there is also data found about a possible armory or a weapons dealer in Call of Duty's future DLC. This data points to the notion of a microtransaction-laden thing that is expected of Activision.

Semyel also believes that the developer didn't leave the assets without a reason. "Although there is still the possibility of them adding things in December or something, I don't believe they would have released so many uncompleted assets with the game and would have just released it all at once instead," Semyel said.

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