Dec 05, 2016 11:49 AM EST

Leah Remini Not Playing Coy About Tom Cruise As Scientology Law Suits Are Coming

The Church of Scientology is in disputes with former King of Queens star, Leah Remini who sacrificed her TV career to prioritize her previous mission with the church. Now, she is in conflict with the association after leaving them and squealing on what she knew inside the organization that might result in various lawsuits.

Remini endures public shaming and intimidating stunts conducted by the church gainst her. She demands that those hurting words be retracted publicly along with the $1.5 compensation payment.  She claims that church leaders try to manipulate her, even before the conflict escalates. They had asked her to convince CBS  producer Les Moonves to feature Scientology events in "60 Minutes". 

She ended up calling Moonves despite her hesitation and got a negative reply from him. He firmly stressed that it won't matter if it is Tom Cruise, Jenna Elfman, or her who would engage in such conversations with him. They will all get the same rejection, according to Independent Journal Review.

The Scientology management obviously was not happy with Remini's failure and continues to push her to fin a way to get through the news segment.She's denied the benefit of the doubt  when explaining that she got no authority over content usage for the said show. She became an investigative journalist since then and not scared of the potential lawsuits coming up to stop her.

Remini surely welcomes any lawsuit from the Church of Scientology because that can serve as the outlet for bringing out the truth in her complaints. They know that she's telling the truth hat's why they made enormous efforts into stopping her. The way that the church is doing, is telling people that you can leave but  be quiet. If you won't, then you are a bad person , according to Jobs & Hire.

Leah Remini is not only into exposing the injustices she experienced first hand from the church but the ex-King of Queens star says that she aims to help those who have not been released from the Scientology's spell yet. That's the purpose of her documentary "Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath" that airs every Tuesday on A&E, say Inquisitr.

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