Dec 05, 2016 11:40 AM EST

'Tokyo Ghoul' Season 3 Premiere Not Happening This Year But Next: Disturbing Gore-Filled Scenes Highlighted

It will be unwise for "Tokyo Ghoul" not to push through with Season 3 after making some money and landing at the top 10 of Japan's manga series. Production delays of this thriving dark fantasy in the anime world are evident - up to the verge of cancellation rumors but it is a good thing that the anime is definitely coming back not this year but early next year.

Reports say that the delays are due to hindrances happening within the production team. Although not official, the sequel is speculated to be ready in March 2017. We now know for sure that Tokyo Ghoul is not anymore coming by year-end but they cannot afford not coming back at all anytime soon.

Some episodes are already ready for release but the problem is the lack of quantity to complete the whole Season 3. To allow uninterrupted viewing, the production team is tasked to find ways to speed up with the missing materials.

"Tokyo Ghoul" is already a part of the top 10 list of Japan's manga series. It's first big major commercial success comes when it hits the highest sales record for the last concluded season. Industry experts say that continues airing and consistency are vital to retain or expand it's popularity base, says Anime News Network.

The rumors affecting the Tokyo Ghoul" season 3 production is actually far from reality. The management made sure that the quality of the episodes are not compromised as they are working to increase the quantity of the show. Take the case of the gore-filled scenes in those episodes that are quite disturbing. This element must be displayed well when showing the narrative part, as hinted by the previous article of Jobs & Hire.

There's no truth, behind the cancellation rumors as Sui Ishida, the "Tokyo Ghoul" producer stresses out. It's actually the opposite. It has remained popular despite the delays perhaps because of deferred announcements of its coming back. He goes by implying that "Tokyo Ghoul" season 3 is happening soon but the March 2017 premiere schedule can only be good if the production people completes the full lineup, according to Movie News Guide.

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