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'How To Get Away With Murder' Season 3 Latest News and Updates: Wes Is Not Dead; Character Returns On Season 3?

Before the show revealed the character who died in season 3, many of its enthusiastic viewers were trying to solve the puzzle themselves. While some say that it's just a regular character, many were convinced it is someone from Annalise's "apprentices".

 Wes Gibbins will still appear in the remaining episodes of season 3

In the ninth episode of season 3, the dead character was finally revealed, and it was indeed one of the main characters. However, recent reports are suggesting that Wes is really not dead and will even return in the second half of the current season. In a report by Movie News Guide, "How To Get Away With Murder" creator Peter Nowalk revealed that reasons behind Wes's death will be told in the second half of season 3 which will be continued next year.

 Wes Gibbins already anticipated his death

During his guesting in the Jimmy Kimmel Live, British actor Alfred Enoch who played Wes's character told that he was a little bit suprised by how things worked out for Wes Gibbins. He said that he, together with the other 4 apprentices, were already guessing who was going to die in the season. He later revealed that he was summoned by Pete - who was kind of had a sad voice - and from there he knew what was about to happen. Although Enoch did not mention it during his guesting, there were rumors that he was pulled out of the show because of another TV project.

Loophole in season 3?

The body was already revealed, but some fans are still beffudled about why Wes ended up in Annalise's house. iTechPost explained that stories in episode 7 and 9 have loopholes. Season 7 shows that Wes was in the interrogation room to give his testimony against Annalise, but he turned out leaving the police station on the way to Annalise's house in season 9. A sudden jump off that needs real explanation.

Nevertheless, Peter Nowalk promised to tell the preceding events so fans can only wait until next year to finally find out why Wes ended up as a dead guy.

Meanwhile, details about "How To Get Away With Murder" season 10 are already revealed. Check out the report by Jobs & Hire.

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