Dec 05, 2016 07:03 PM EST

'Ys Origin' RPG PS 4 And PS Vita News & Updates: Release Date And Improvements!

The just announced "Ys Origin" RPG will be playable via PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita along with its various improvements. The storyline will be the same as the previous "Ys Origin" that was first released in 2006.

It will be featuring English and Japanese language options both are translated by XSEED Games. According to Destructoid "Ys Origin" precedes the rest of the series that has been released. It also stated that "Ys Origin" was first launched in 2006 and in 2012 its franchise went to the West for its PC version and can be played using Steam and GOG Ltd.

The newly advertised PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita version of "Ys Origin" will be having certain improvements and additional features. DotEmu announced that the release date of Ys Origin RPG will be on February 21, 2017. The game is now allowing players to choose between two characters, Yunica an axe-wielder and a sorcerer named Hugo as reported on Anime News Network.

The game will be all about saving humankind from the demonic clutches of the horde who is constructing the Devil's Tower. The main quest for the game is to find the twin-goddess, who can help achieve redemption from the evil intentions of the demonic horde; the twin-goddess has the ability to transport humankind to the sky providing them protection from the threat brought by the demonic horde.

The "Ys Origin" will have one of the most unique storylines among the series, with its setting that dates back 700 years before the events of "Ys I: Ancient Ys Vanished" which has been released in the 21st of June 1987. The "Ys Origin" RPG that is confirmed to be released on February 21, 2017 comes along with a huge optimization on its visuals, effects, improved user interface and menu as well as a widescreen aspect ratio in full HD.

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