Dec 05, 2016 09:23 AM EST

‘Pokémon GO’ 2nd Generation Update Release Date, Latest News & Update: New Medals Are Signs For New Pokémons?

Christmas is just around the corner and every "Pokémon GO" players are hoping and expecting that the most anticipated 2nd Generation Release will be among the present that they are gonna receive. The expansion is subjected to numerous rumors and with the latest success of the latest installment, "Pokémon Sun and Moon" , fans are dying for a second generation release.

Niantic is faring very well in providing updates for the game to keep the players excited and at the same time, charming others to join the party. Recently, "Pokémon Go" received a prestigious recognition in the previous Game Awards 2016. With this in mind, there is really no better time to give thanks to players that to release the 2nd generation update.

During the October release, Niantic added feature to the existing Medals system in "Pokémon GO" as reported by Eurogamer. We now have the merit medals, which is basically for bragging rights only and doesn't really affect the gameplay. The other set of medals represents the 'type' of the all the Pokémons that improves your catching bonus depending on the medal tier that you have.

There are three different tiers of medals for each type that give different catching bonuses. One point for bronze tiers, two for silver and three points for gold medal holders. These point correspond to the 'catching percentage' of a Pokémon or the success rate you will have when catching a Pokémon. In other words, when you have a gold medal for fire Pokémons you will have an additional of 3 percent to your original success rate. However, the average point will be given to Pokémons with dual types.

According to How-To Geek his will prove useful to high end players because in the game, as the trainer levels up, they will have lower catching percentage as they tend to encounter Pokémons with higher Combat Power of CP. It wouldn't be fair if low-level trainers will be the only ones that can catch new Pokémons. Having additional factors that can raise the catching percentage can only mean one thing. Niantic is cooking something behind the scenes.

We can just keep an eye for new medals as they will serve as signs for the incoming 2nd generation update. Considering that Niantic is making every effort in the catching system of "Pokémon GO", we can expect that new Pokémons are inbound for everyone to catch and collect.

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