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Kathy Boyd's Story: Sad Tale Of How She Suffered From Rosebud Hospital's Poor Medical Treatment

Kathy Boyd lives on Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota for 58 years seeking help from tribal healing whenever it is possible. She has lived among her neighbors with suspicions towards the Rosebud's government funded hospital, the Rosebud hospital has been known for injuring rather than healing their patients.

According to Buzz Feed News the Rosebud hospital has been arguably incompetent in their medical services making headlines for more than 30 years, unfortunately for Kathy Boyd who needs medical attention due to her heart hysterically pounding. Kathy Boyd's heart was beating so fast and starts catching her breath, she told her husband that something is wrong with her and needs medical attention.

The Rosebud Hospital is infamous for its reputation of putting peoples lives at risk!  

Her husband Wayne Boyd rushed through their car with his wife and travelled for 25 minutes to Rosebud Hospital. The Rosebud Hospital is a three-story building and has poor facilities because it was used for camping grounds, upon their arrival around 7:15p.m in accordance to emergency department records. An electrode has been placed on Kathy Boyd's chest showing an inconsistent heartbeat reaching 160 beats per minute.

A nurse asked, if she was in pain? From a scale of one to ten, how bad is it? Kathy Boyd answered eight. Moments later Kathy Boyd's aunt, son and grandkids arrived and gathered in her room. However, a federal rule needs to be followed by the staff of the hospital for their medical department requiring them to examine every patient thoroughly to determine how urgent the patient needs attention.

Doctors suggested having Kathy Boyd air lifted to a larger hospital in Sioux Falls which is 250 miles away from Rosebud Hospital around 8:45p.m in hopes to see a cardiac specialist. Kathy Boyd started having back aches and her pulse starts rising around 9:00p.m, as the doctors arrived informing Kathy Boyd's family that the transfer on Sioux Falls has been rejected. Her family decided to call Sioux Falls later and they replied with no request has been made that night.

Around 9:50p.m an ambulance arrived however, the paramedics do not want to take her due to Kathy Boyd being too unstable for transport. The paramedics decided to transport Kathy Boyd via airlift. Around 11:00p.m, an airplane finally came to transfer her to Rapid City Regional Hospital.

The lack of competence in Rosebud Hospital almost put Kathy Boyd's life at stake! 

Kathy Boyd went into surgery on the following day; it took nine days before she woke up along with a breathing tube in her throat and a scar made by the surgery down her chest. Kathy Boyd was informed that her heart's mitral valve had been replaced by a mechanical part.

Further check-ups were made for Kathy Boyd and upon her recovery she started suing Rosebud's Hospital for having such poor attention in her condition back then, she even asked for a report but Rosebud Hospital never showed a report regarding with her medical treatment there and they are not in liberty to disclose anything over the phone.  

This is Kathy Boyd's story of how she suffered more due to poor medical attention rather than her sickness, the incompetence of the government funded hospital and poor facilities of Rosebud Hospital is not new. There have has been plenty of lawsuits against the government funded Rosebud Hospital. This might be one of the worst cases so far. Kathy Boyd might be a smoker but that is not reason enough for her not have proper medical treatment, the government funded Rosebud Hospital is now getting sued by the Rosebud Sioux Tribe.

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