Dec 09, 2016 06:28 PM EST

Career Benefit Tips: How To Get Affordable Health And Life Insurance For Entrepreneurs And Freelancers

There are a lot of benefits on being entrepreneur or freelancer. First, a freelancer can work on his own terms- his self is own boss. He can work independently and make his own decisions. Second, he plans for work at his own pace. An entrepreneur is not a slave of time and deadlines.

However, being self-employed or small-employer has its price. One needs to cover the costs when he gets sick. Health coverage can be an issue since no one will shoulder it. While some labor unions created moves to help in providing healthcare plans to entrepreneur and part-timers, this did not materialize because of the high cost of managing healthcare coverage.

If a freelancer cannot afford to pay for his own medical benefits, some people or organization might help him. He can visit and talk the following authorities:

Healthcare Marketplace

According to Forbes, because of Affordable Care Act, there are local and national marketplaces that can give entrepreneurs access to affordable medical and dental insurance rates. There are several options or packages to choose from, depending on the extent of the coverage and how much is the budget.

There are some that finds this option discouraging. There are so many deadlines to worry about. Every year he needs to re-apply for his coverage. This can be a good thing because it can also give tax credit depending on the entrepreneur's annual income. So if his income dropped significantly, he might be given financial offset.

Brokers And Insurance Agents

Going online to search for cheap health insurance is very common today. However, don't forget that there are experts that one can talk to personally about his healthcare plans. Insurance agents can offer a freelancer options that he don't know of. These experts can help him understand how various plans can work for him- the scope of the coverage and its limits. The National Association of Health Underwriters contains list of certified broker or agent for medical and life insurance. However, if you need more information about Healthcare Law, here is the report from Jobs & Hire.

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