Dec 09, 2016 02:59 AM EST

Job Interview Question Tips: 'Why Should We Hire You' Answer For Fresh Graduate [WATCH]

By Din Rose

In the list of the most common question asked, definitely "Job Interview Question: Why Should We Hire You" is one. Most of the time, applicants struggle to answer it, how much more a newly graduate. In order to construct the perfect answer and get hired immediately! Here's the list of tips for it.

Jobs & Hire previously listed a number of tips and tricks to ace the "Job Interview Question:Why Do You Want This Job?". Now, another one will be tackled to help freshers and job-changers get hired on the spot!

According to Forbes, it's horrible to be compared to someone, mainly that what happens here. So, just always remember: "Stay in your power. If they like you, cool -- they can make you an offer. If they don't like you, they can hire someone else."

"Job Interview Question: Why Should We Hire You" is asked to give a clear image of what does the job seeker have that others don't. It's actually a challenging question where he will sell himself without knowing the competition.

Furthermore, the balance highlights the applicant's best skills and accomplishments. Also, keep a positive outlook; Make it a point to tell that both can benefit from on another, most of the time company's look for stability. So, it will good to add it in the formula.

The Interview Guys give a nice prompt to start off, "First things first, I understand that you are having an issue with your online ordering. I would begin by..." Now, anyone especially the fresh grad can make now the most hirable answer for "Job Interview Question: Why Should We Hire You".

In all, job interview question: 'Why Should We Hire You' is a no-sweat one if preparations are made. To surely ace those questions, follow Jobs & Hire.

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