Nov 30, 2016 09:16 PM EST

Working Overtime? Here Are The Top 2 Reasons Not To Extend More Hours

By Din Rose

According to current research, there's a strong relation to longer hours of work and to worker's productivity. Apparently, the more a person work overtime, the less he is productive. The "Top 2 Reasons Not To Extend More Hours" will determine leading disadvantages of extending more than 8 hours of work. Surely, the staff member will immediately feel the difference upon learning them.

"Considerable evidence shows that overwork is not just neutral - it hurts us and the companies we work for." Notably, hours of work has been an employee's way of showing dedication; The ill effects of "working overtime" isn't only about worker's but about the company itself as well.

According to Andrew Jensen, "It's not good for employee well-being." This is the first of "Top 2 Reasons Not To Extend More Hours" as working overtime. Simply, for the person's maximized productivity, he needs to rest.

The negative consequence of "working overtime" can result to an employee's lose of sleep, higher stress level, lack of social life, and bad health. All these will wreck how productive he is, more so these will lead to job burnout.

Lastly, "the presence of unwell employees can negatively impact on many areas including productivity, safety at work, errors in judgment, and relationships between colleagues."  This is the next on "Top 2 Reasons Not To Extend More Hours", its all about the staff's dreadful work results for the company.

In essence, the worker may be doing more task because of "working overtime" but the company also suffers with his poor actions in the long run. Surely, inferior work and absenteeism will be the company's laborer issues.

In all, excellent productivity stems from healthy workers. The company should also take care of its employees, a weekly 40 work hours is surely enough for them. Just, stay tuned to Jobs & Hire for more work tips.

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