Dec 07, 2016 04:34 PM EST

Job Interview Question: Tell Me Something About Yourself, Answer For Fresh Graduate [WATCH]

By Din Rose

"Job Interview Question: Tell Me Something About Yourself"--the most common interview questions also a major one. The simple question is the applicant's gateway to gain leverage on the employer's perspective. This is especially for the fresh graduates wherein they can highlight their interesting skills and knowledge. So, here's a list of ways to construct an answer that could win a job instantly.

What to tell about yourself in a job interview? Definitely, it must be engaging! It can actually make or break the mood of the appointment.

Monster advice, "The secret to responding to this free-form request successfully is to focus, script and practice." Make sure to list only the things the job seeker wants the employer to remember about him in the "Job Interview Question: Tell Me Something About Yourself."

Alongside, it is better to jut down and make an outline. With it, the applicant can make a short script that he can practice.

According to Job interview Tools, "Job Interview Question: Tell Me Something About Yourself" must be answered with a recent work experience or an achievement. With the newly grad, the latter is the best. Start with something that is well related to the company's goal and position requirement that could highlight both his professional skills and attitude.

Lastly, The Muse also shares to create your story. In regards to the second one, the job hunter can actually make a chronological tale of his past experiences and achievements. Notably, it must match his resume order as well.

Most of the time, the Fresh grad applicant can actually add experiences in answering "Job Interview: Tell Me Something About Yourself" which aren't on the resume. Finally, take note of summing up the main points.

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