Dec 11, 2016 06:55 AM EST

'God of War 4' Release Date Tentative? Kratos's Son, The Next Important Element?

The PS4 sequel of "God of War" is something that gamers look forward to after watching it's demo video during the Sony conference at E3 2016. Since then, the release date has been the most sought-after topic online, but only Amazon posted the exact date and not picked up by mainstream media so, it can be tentative.

Amazon reveals that December 29, 2017, is the release date for "God of War" on the PS4 console. It is not certain if the date is the company's distribution date or the actual play time at the Sony's PS4. So if it's nowhere to be found on the published date, then it will be known for sure by then when.

Questions loom as to who the child was in the promo video. The son of Kratos is said to be an important element for "God of War." If so, what will happen to the father? This has cast doubts among fans since Kratos by far is the main character, says Yibada.

In an interview made by LevelUp with Cory Barlog, creative director at Sony Interactive Entertainment's Santa Monica Studio, he shared that the son of Kratos is undoubtedly the most important new element in the game. However, fans should not think that the kid will replace Kratos in the game and its succeeding follow-ups.

The trailer for "God Of War 4"  shows the constant appearance of Kratos with the kid by his side. It looks like Kratos is training the child for combat and survival techniques. Fans can't help guessing if he is going to be Thor when he reaches adulthood that can possibly steal the scenes from Kratos, as per Jobs & Hire.

God Of War 4" shows a bit of Kratos' new combat style along with the coaching stints for the kid. The double fighting of Kratos with his likely sidekick led avid followers into thinking that the system will be a multi-player. It is, however, counteracted by critics to be untrue, according to News Every Day.

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