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'Naruto Shippuden' Chapter 485: Will Sasuke Find Fushin Who Can Shed Light To The Mystery Of Exploding Humans?

The 484th installment of Naruto Shippuden Konoha was under attack by the mysterious shinobis or exploding humans influenced by alleged gen Jutsu. Sasuke's mission to stop the chaos involves him to go on a journey away from Konoha. He is more than determined to hunt the mastermind of all those troubles. 

"Naruto Shippuden" chapter 485 shows the ninjas galavanting around like zombies the very first time they first set their foot at Konoha. They desperately try to fight off the shinobis in question. To their surprise, they just formed into a wounded red object then exploded. The security of the village can't put everything in control anymore when the shinobis are also attacking smaller villages aside from Konoha, says News Every Day.

Sasuke, aiming to stop the problem conducted an investigation on who is responsible for these attacks. He seeks the guidance of his mentor, Orochimaru to hopefully find some clues with regards to the exploding humans. Orochimaru is seen directing Sasuke to find Oyashiro, the arms dealer.  according to The Bitbag.

To cut the story short, Sasuke captures and interrogates Oyashiro as he falls into the trap of Orochimaru. Sannin and Sasuke then proceed to an island where wealthy people are setting up a fighting match for shinobis to destroy each other. Although dangerous, Sasuke has no choice but enter the tournament to know more about these exploding shinobis.

Oyashiro is forced to confess who the leader of the Lightning Group is which is Fushin. Sasuke has to free all the shinobis prior to finding Fushin and he managed to do just  hat. He has cleared the coliseum from the exploding humans, according to the earlier post of Jobs & Hire.

Now that the spoilers for "Naruto Shippuden" chapter 485 are disclosed, you can verify them by not missing the episode on December 8 through streaming sites. Will Sasuke succeed in bringing back the peace and order situation of Konoha? Questions can be answered only after watching it. Enjoy!

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