Dec 07, 2016 06:32 AM EST

Horizon Discovery's Turbo-charged Invention Is One Of The Top Ten Innovations Honoured By 'The Scientist'

Horizon Discovery that is noted for its gene editing technology has again gained recognition for the fourth consecutive year as included in the top 10 innovations list of "The Scientist." Their TurboGFP tagged HAP1 cell lines technology allows scientists to conducts in-depth study of proteins in their internal condition.

"The Scientists" is always on the look out for new innovations that can save them time and money when doing a gene-editing related study. Horizon Discovery Group CEO, Dr Darrin Disley is delighted that the company is able to come up with a more direct technology recognised on the international level that is helpful to such studies, according to Business Weekly.

Dr. Daniel Lackner confirms their  strongest points for the cell lines, one of which is the Endogenous tagging that allows physiological levels protein expressions. the second one is the fact that all of the protein of interest carry the fluorescent tag. These reporter cells really have a great impact on the protein localisation study.

Th Cambridge, UK-based company already have four of these winning innovations in their portfolio. Horizon's TurboGFP tagged HAP1 cell lines is the latest product that has been listed by "The Scientist" as a beneficial product for advancement. It is a combination of CRISPR Cas9 gene editing; the HAP1 cell line; and TurboGFPTM technologies.

Horizon Discovery products being in the Top 10 Innovations of the year for the fourth time in a row serves as confirmation for Horizon's continued efforts to innovate thus enables them to develop world-class gene editing products and services.

Dr. Daniel Lackner, is leading the team of innovators behind TurboGFP tagged HAP1 technology that generates very accurate reporters in high-throughput screening methods, specifically for live cell assays.", says Horizon.

Since the so-called millennials are into technology since the start of their existence, they should be more innovative when it comes to inventions than their predecessors. Therefore, we can only expect that they will have an advantage in today's entrepreneurial challenges and "The Scientist" is there to continue inspiring the young innovators, as per the earlier post of Jobs&Hire.

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