Dec 06, 2016 04:39 AM EST

Will The Consumer Review Fairness Act Secures PayPal's Newly Launched Business App?

As the world reverts to the online method of doing things, online shopping occupies the top position in generating more jobs particularly in California where blue collar employees have to deal with the fulfillment process of web orders in San Bernardino and in the Riverside for shipment to different destinations worldwide.

Perhaps, this would balance the jobs taken over by robots in manufacturing plants that can be programmed to produce accurate mass products that only minimal supervision is needed, according to earlier report here on Jobs & Hire.

It just happened recently that PayPal introduces a systematic business app for traders online that will enhance their sales through easier payment system and a direct platform to make their products known without border boundaries. PayPal Business helps merchants operates the business efficiently.

A unified hub is provided for the payment process transparency. Photos can be sent with invoices. refund, sales monitoring, funds withdrawal, payment reminders, management and history records are in store for quicker and easier transaction. The more than 15 million PayPal business customers benefit from this technology as PayPal aims to be the leading point-of-sale technology solution.

The PayPal launch comes very timely also with the congress' passing of a bill that protects consumers from giving negative online reviews and discourage companies not allowing criticisms of their products and services. Once the Consumer Review Fairness Act, is signed by the President, it will be implemented as a law for immediate compliance, according to Ars Technica. 

Can products and services improve generally when reviews are not restricted anymore? It is expected to be that way, thus actually triggers the formulation of the bill passed by congress that will soon become a law in a not so distant future. Consumers will not hesitate to complain anymore when treated below the standard of PayPal and any other business solutions providers, as published by Forbes

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